10 Top Mysterious Mexican Pyramids

" Mexican Pyramids Have A History Of About 3,000 Years "

Mexico is an country where the Mayans lived in the past. Nearly 4,000 years ago, the Mayans lived in Mexico, and the incredible thing is they still live there. It is fascinating to mention that there are people who even speak the Mayan language. They still live near Mexican pyramids.

Since they are descendants of the Maya, they speak the same style and know much about the Mayan calendar. It is yet a mystery as to who constructed the Mexican pyramids.

Nevertheless, since the Mexican pyramids built in the Mayan cities, anyone can assume that Mexican pyramids had something related to the Mayans.

Top 10 Mexican Pyramids


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Teotihuacan is located in San Juan Teotihuacán. This UNESCO World Heritage Site built around the 4th century BC. By the 4th century AD, it was the most powerful city in the area.

There are two pyramids in the land, the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the MoonTeotihuacan pyramids are interesting. The largest of these is the Pyramid of the Sun, which is 216 feet high. 

The reason why it is called the Pyramid of the Sun is that it is probably taller than the others. It is not only the tallest pyramid on the site but also the second tallest pyramid in Mexico.

The main attraction is this considerable pyramid, and it is multi-story. You can climb to the top of the pyramid as there is a staircase made of stone. Excavations are still carrying out in this vast area, and many things have not discovered.

Pyramid maintained as a religious center in the past. That is why it has become a more powerful city. This monument is also known as the Pyramid of the Moon.

" Coba Is One Of The Mexican Pyramids That Anyone Can Reach The Top "


Coba is one of the must visit Mexican pyramids
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Coba which is one of the Mexican pyramids, is located in the state of Mexico, Quintana Roo, it is nearly 140 feet high pyramid.

Inscriptions and other Coba ruins found at this site indicate that built around the 5th century AD.

You can reach the top, but the staircase here is a 45-degree slope. Once you reach the top, you will see the road you came along the forest.

You can also see some of the carvings at some points in the pyramid. It is located in a vast forest and about 45 km from the nearest town.

The Mayans lived there since 50 BC and lived in a wooden age. They lived in small buildings made of wood.

" Calakmul Is A Mexican Pyramid Located In The Middle Of A Jungle "


Calakmul Pyramid is one of Mexican pyramids locates in a jungle
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Discovered in the state of Campeche and Calakmul is about 40km away from the border. It stands in a forest, so Coba is one of the most challenging pyramids to access.

You will encounter many obstacles on this adventure journey. The height of the pyramid is close to 150 feet.

The pyramid is considered to have been constructed in the late 5th century BC. However, it is an adventure worth visiting, and there are other religious buildings besides this pyramid.

Once you get to the top of this massive pyramid, you get a 360 view of the entire environment.

El Tajin

El Tajin is one of Mexican pyramids locates in a wonderful spot
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El Tajin is located in Papantla and this small pyramid is about 65 feet high. The construction work of the tomb began around the 6th century AD.

The site is a coastal area and a UNESCO heritage site. It has been used in the past for lodging for aristocrats and is the reason for its construction.

Getting there is not a difficult task, and even a vehicle can get you to where it located.

Along with the design of the other pyramids built on this place, it depicts the architecture and the technology they had.

There are many engravings in the pyramid that described as associated with ancient Greek games.


Uxmal is one of the weirdly shaped Mexican pyramids
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The pyramid, as well as the other small Uxmal ruins located on this site, are worth a visit.

The surroundings are peaceful and the grass of the land is so flat, that may be the reason to it. Pyramid is in Uxmal which was a Maya town in old days.

The construction work began around the 6th century AD. There are several places to visit in the site, and the pyramid is one of the best of them because Its front edges roundly designed.

The pyramid is about 160 feet high and has stairs to reach the top, but due to its steep slope, it is somewhat risky.

" El Castillo May Be The Most Famous Mexican Pyramid "

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is one of the famous Mexican pyramids
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Chichen Itza is one of the new seven wonders of the world, you know. Chichen Itza means the mouth of the Itza well, and the well also located on the same site.

Chichen Itza is a Mayan city, and the pyramid in there is El Castillo. This place is located in the state of Yucatan. Construction began around 600 CE, and the height is approximately 100 feet.

There were two large holes in the ground, and they were full of water all year. One of these two holes has been used to sacrifice people. It is said that in ancient times adults and young children were thrown into the well to escape from the drought.

Pyramid can be described as a place of pilgrimage of the Mayans because of rituals performed in the past.

" Cholula Is The Tallest Pyramid Among Mexican Pyramids "


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The Great Pyramid of Cholula was not only the largest pyramid in Mexico but also the largest pyramid in the world. There is a church on top on today. 

The monument is 217 feet high and is located in the town of Cholula. Since its location is higher than the surrounding area, it visible to some extent.

The name Cholula means the place of retreat, but when we see this, we think this is the place of resurrection. Today the floor of the pyramid is covered with grass and does not look like a pyramid.

La Venta

Olmec heads can be seen around La Venta Pyramid
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La Venta is an ancient pyramid in Tabasco, a state in Mexico. Today, this looks like a mountain full of grass. Pyramid height is more than 100 feet.

The statues of the place are famous all over the world because of their shape and famous Olmec heads. Olmec civilizations made this statue. Olmec civilization was one of the first civilizations in America.

The region has a history of three stages and is a worldwide exhibition of carvings. You can still see their sculptures today. La Venta was a vast civilization ruled by a king and an elite.

" A Temple Can Be Seen At The Top Of The Mexican Pyramids "


Amazing structure of Lamanai Mexican pyramid
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In the Mayan times, the crocodiles that drowned in the water known as the Lamanai. So that’s how the name came. 

Lamanai is not one of the most famous Mexican pyramids, because it is less popular among most tourists. It is also known as Lamanai Belize.

Lamanai pyramid is in Orange Walk district, and Its height is nearly 110 feet. It was built in the 16th century BC.

There are other historical places on the same site, which are Jaguar Temple, Mask Temple, and Hight Temple.

The specialty of the building is that it has two stories, and there is no single staircase to reach the top.

The first stairway is just up to the top of the first floor, and from there, you can climb up by other stairs to the second floor.


Mayappan means the Mayans’ symbol, and the pyramid is a nine-story pyramid with a staircase to reach the top.

Mayapan is located in the state of Yucatán. It’s height is about 50 feet and built between the 12th and 15th centuries AD.

Mayapan is very similar to the Chichen Itza pyramid, and the two Mayapan ruins have the same number of decks. 

Mayapan is surrounded by many ruins, and there are other smaller buildings like the pyramid. At that time, it was possible to accommodate up to 1000 people in this land.

" Tulum Is The Perfect City To Stay On Your Mexican Pyramids Holiday "

Why Tulum Is The Best To Stay?

If you are interested in seeing the pyramids, there are several reasons to stay Tulum. Since Cancun is a city, there may be a lot of noise here, but in Tulum, it is a bit low.

If this is your first trip, Tulum is the perfect place to have a great first-hand experience. That is not as developed as a city, but with its natural beauty, it is incredible.

" Besides From Mexican Pyramids, There Are Fascinating Beaches "


Cancun also has its famous beaches, but with its busyness, you may not be able to take the tour you are looking for. Cancun is a frequent tourist destination, and service charges along the coast can be high.

In Cancun beach, your chances of finding a place to nap less than found in Tulum. That means it can be tough at times. But if you are searching in Tulum, it won’t be too hard to find.

Both cities have beautiful beaches. Tulum is not as luxurious as Cancun. The beaches in Tulum are eco-friendly. For example, if a fence in Cancun beach made of iron, it is built of wood in Tulum.

The town located very near to the sea and there are many restaurants and hotels near it.


Cancun is the most attractive tourist town in Mexico. There are more luxury resorts as well as budget restaurants than Tulum.

With tourism spread all over the city, it is easy to find lucrative resorts not only on the beach but also elsewhere.

If you are a budget adventurer, you can find budget places in Cancun, Mexico. But it would be best if you searched hard for it. It is hard to find a budget one in there.

The resorts here are eco-friendly and luxurious. Therefore, they are expensive and limited. For example, if a resort in Cancun beach made of cement, it is built of twigs in Tulum.

In front of the resorts, you can see design made from coconut twigs. So this can be called eco-friendly. Tulum, Mexico is a great place to spend the night.


Due to the high volume of travelers in Cancun, you may lose the ability to enjoy yourself in bars.

You’ll also have to wait a long time until your opportunity at the amusement parks in Cancun, Mexico. Then you may lose a lot of time to travel.

Since Tulum is a less attractive city in Mexico, its bars don’t have a lot of tourists. So you can consume as much time here as you want.

" The Mexican Pyramids Are Not Very Close To Each Other "

Distance To Pyramids

Since Cancun is in the upper part of Mexico, there is less distance to the pyramids in the upper part. But the famous pyramids, such as Chichen Itza, are relatively far from the Cancun.

Even from Tulum, these pyramids have considerable distance. For example, the distance from Cancun and Tulum to Chichen Itza is 200km and 150km, respectively.

So if you are going to visit the pyramids, be sure to look for the right places to stay first, or you may waste more days than you planned. You can also visit Mexico’s popular destinations around Tulum.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is Chichen Itza? 
    Chichen Itza is located in the eastern part of the Yucatán States.
  2. What is called the Kukulkan pyramid?
    El Castillo.
  3. What are the best riviera Maya pyramids?
    Chichen Itza and Coba
  4. What is the distance between Teotihuacan from Mexico City?
    There are less than 50 km. It can be reached in less than an hour.
  5. How long does it take for the Teotihuacan pyramids tour?
    Journey takes about 5 to 7 hours.

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